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I believe

about bodies…

I believe in inherent body diversity, and reject social hierarchies that prioritize certain bodies over others. I believe all bodies are good ones, deserving of respect and access to unbiased healthcare. I believe pervasive weight bias makes inhabiting your body hard, and “learning to cope” isn’t enough - societal solutions are necessary. 


about health….

I believe weight and health are two very different constructs. "Health” can't be captured by number. I believe in a holistic definition of health that includes attention to physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs. 


about eating…

I believe you were born knowing how to nourish yourself, and that wisdom is still in you. I believe eating well is grounded in attention and responsiveness to the body, and later merged with cultural understanding and nutrition knowledge. I believe centering pleasure and self-care in the eating experience is paramount. 

about movement…

I believe in playful movement that centers joy and pleasure. I believe movement married to weight is always unhelpful, and it is high time to divorce the two.

I believe in your body. I trust it. I believe it is worthy as is, full stop. I believe you can develop resiliency to live in a weight-obsessed world, connected, alive, and at home in your body. 


**These belief statements are inspired by the Health At Every Size© Principles, Intuitive Eating Principles , and the Be Nourished Manifesto**

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